What Is Proper Spring Cleanup?

What Is Proper Spring Cleanup?
Grounds Maintenance Spring Cleanup

Why Is Spring Cleanup Important?

Why Is Spring Cleanup Important?

During the long winter months, leaves, branches, and other debris brought down by winter storms and harsh weather can accumulate around the outside of your building. If they are not removed in the springtime, all the debris can prevent underlying vegetation from growing due to lack of sunlight and air circulation. A thorough spring landscape cleanup can help revitalize garden beds and provide the elements that plants need to thrive.

Components of Commercial Spring Cleanup Services:

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1. Address any of the hardscaping issues first like leveling out any steppingstones, cleaning out gutters, fixing fences, damages to retaining walls, etc.

2. Spring inspection of any cold/snow damage on plants.

  1. If there are any plant beds that need to be cleaned out make sure to look at elements like fences, benches, or walls that they aren’t rotten or bowed.
  2. Also check for any animal burrows from rabbits, skunks, etc.

3. Pick up leaves, twigs, and other debris that have complied over winter months.

  1. Make sure that your garbed beds are clean and clear of any matted down leaved or fallen branches.

4. Clean out ponds or water features that may have debris.

  1. Start by skimming any surface floaters.
  2. Clean using a vacuum to get the floor of the pond.
  3. Add any appropriate cleaning supplements to help with bacteria and break down any lingering waste.
  4. Remove algae to improve the quality of the water and increase the buildup of sludge.
  5. Optimize water filtration so that it is performing at its best and reduce future maintenance!

5. Pre-emergent herbicide is a preventative weed control that is applied in the spring season. The best practice is to apply the pre-emergent a couple of weeks before seed germination. To identify the right time to use it, wait until the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit for several days.

6. Mow high and as often as possible. Instead of mowing once a week, try every five days for the first six weeks for fuller and thicker lawn. The more water and sunlight weeds get the more they will grow!

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7. Check sprinkler heads. They are the most vulnerable part of your irrigation system, they can easily get clogged by debris. If any of the holes are clogged, there might be too much water hitting certain areas or not enough in others. This can lead to a ton of wasted water and your lawn not getting watered.

8. Check the pump to make sure that it is in good working condition before it is needed. If water isn’t being delivered to the appropriate areas or mysteriously turns off, you’ll need to contact the professionals like Express to check it out.

9. Check the system components (injectors, adapters, distribution lines) or any water valves that distribute water to the system. Any leaks can result in a hefty water bill.

10. Take it easy when you finally turn the water back on! If it’s done too quickly the high-pressure surge of water could cause sprinkler heads to pop off or pipes to burst. The valves need time to adapt to the pressure, which is why turning on the water slowly is crucial.

How Can Express Help Your Spring Cleanup?

If you haven’t booked a spring cleanup service for your building’s lawn, you have come to the right place! Express can also take care of all your spring cleanup needs along with parking lot maintenance and snow management services. We can provide a customized program tailored to your facility’s needs for services year-round.

Why Is Spring Cleanup Important?

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