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Top Tree Choices for Commercial Propeties - Express FMG

Top Tree Choices for Commercial Properties

commercial tree choices, Palo Verde Tree
There is more to trees than just shade

When it comes to selecting trees for commercial property, it isn’t always as easy as picking the ones you like the best. In some cases, commercial tree maintenance can be complex, since trees within high traffic areas and in many cases in parking lots require special care, such as irrigating, pruning, and caring for the trees. Not sure what tree would work best for your property? We’ve got a few suggestions below for you.

commercial tree choices, Palm Tree

Commercial Tree Choice 1 - Palm Trees

Date Palms work well with commercial landscapes, they are an excellent choice if your commercial property has the space that would allow for something as enormous as these trees can grow to be. When date palms grow, they can be around 10 feet wide and 100 feet tall. 

They need to be watered twice a week for their first six months, with enough water to reach eighteen inches of soil. They only need pruning when the palm tree’s fronds turn yellow/brown, but be careful not to trim too close to the trunk because the bark is extremely sensitive. If you are looking for other palm tree alternatives, the Fan Palm is a great choice. They are typically very large, grow in subtropical regions, and are well suited for large areas.

Commercial Tree Choice 2 - Palo Verde Trees

Palo Verde trees, also known as the “green stick,” are a great choice for commercial buildings that are in areas with warm-hot temperatures. They can grow to heights of 30-40 feet and can survive for roughly 100 years. Since they are desert trees, they don’t need much water to survive and if anything you are more likely to overwater than underwater the tree. 

The great thing about Palo Verde trees is they don’t require much pruning, only in the late winter months. Depending on the size of the tree, you might only need to prune once per year, be mindful to only remove below 25% of the total tree – cutting too much off could expose the tree to sunburn and damage. What makes Palo Verde trees so beautiful is the bright yellow flowers that cover the tree in late spring. Followed by the yellow flowers are seed pods that have hardened shells that are used as a food source for small rodents and birds.

commercial tree choices, Palo Verde
commercial tree choices, Southern Live Oak

Commercial Tree Choice 3 - Southern Live Oak Trees

Southern Live Oak trees are excellent for commercial buildings that are looking to add shade to their entrances, parks, parking lots, and other areas. They thrive best in climates that are mildly hot and humid, and you can find them anywhere from Mexico to Virginia. 

Southern Live Oaks can grow to 30-40 feet tall and 40-60 feet wide. Within the first 2 years, the normal watering amount is about 10 gallons per inch of the trunk, and after that, you can slowly taper off your watering routine. Live oaks are extremely drought resistant, so there is no need to worry about them not getting enough water.

Trees are an essential component of your property’s landscaping and oftentimes can require quite a lot of maintenance. Contact Express Facility Management to schedule a free estimate with our Arborist today!

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