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List of Common Spring Weeds - Express Facility Management

List of Common Spring Weeds

dandelions spring weeds
Spring season has officially arrived, which also means the arrival of pesky weeds.

Weeds not only make your landscaping look messy, but they seem to be a never-ending battle. Not to worry! Express Facility Management can take care of your property’s landscape maintenance needs. Below are 4 spring weeds that you might find around your property, and how we can help you stop them. 

dandelions spring weeds

Springs Weeds - Dandelions

Easy to control

Dandelions are the most recognizable broadleaf weed and are easily spotted in the Spring season by bursts of yellow or white puffballs. They have thick and deep central roots that make them harder to control by cutting or hand pulling. If the entire root of the dandelion hasn’t been removed one will quickly sprout back or you could be left with a large hole where the root was pulled. It is best to treat dandelions after they have grown or while they are actively growing, because even small gusts of wind or mowing will help spread their seeds making them very challenging to control.

Spring Weeds - Canadian Thistle

Easy to control

The Canadian Thistle is a broadleaf weed that is characterized by wavy and spiny leaves and tends to spread rapidly. The prickly spines can cause serious irritation when touched and can be very painful if walked on with bare feet. The extensive root system can reach heights of more than 4 feet in unmaintained areas. Canadian Thistle is easier to maintain with either natural or synthetic weed control products, or manually by stepping on the plant and twisting to remove it. If you decide to manually remove the weed, make sure you remove all the roots to prevent them from growing back.

Canadian thistle spring weeds
Broadleaf Plantain spring weeds

Spring Weeds - Broadleaf Plantain

Hard to control

Another common weed is the Broadleaf Plantain, which prominently grows between June to September. They have broad, oval-shaped leave, and in the spring, tall flower spikes grow from the plant’s center. They like to grow anywhere from between cracks of sidewalks, alongside roads, in park areas, and grassy or poorly maintained lawns. The plantains can be removed if they are dug out of the soil, but the real chore is carrying it out, especially if it is a sizable outbreak. The easier route to take is treating the weed with herbicides and then going back to mow or rake to remove the plantain.

Spring Weeds - White Clover

Hard to control

Also known as the Shamrock, White Clover features 3 oval-shaped leaves that together grow from the central stem. White Clover typically grows in patches, and sometimes in multiple layers depending on the location like under the canopy of turf. This makes it very challenging to control, so multiple weed control applications are required throughout the season. As pesky as this weed can be, some homeowners prefer having White Clover in place of grass. They find that it is naturally dense and keeps its green color, reducing lawn maintenance, water, time, and money required to keep healthy grass.

How Express Can Help: 

We use top-of-the-line products, safely applied in the capable hands of a trained and licensed professional.

Programs are customizable and may involve:

  • Pre-emergent
  • Post-emergent
  • Selective Herbicides

If you find that your building’s lawn needs more than just weed control, you have come to the right place! Express can also take care of your parking lot maintenance, irrigation, and trash removal, plus we can provide a customized program tailored to your facility needs. 

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