Absolute Pest Program

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Commercial Pest Control Services

When was the last time you evaluated your commercial pest control service? Oftentimes, companies will stay with the same provider because they are worried that switching may be too difficult. Whether you are worried about disruption of service, costly equipment replacement, or any other reasons hindering you from switching, Absolute Pest can help ease your concerns and make the transition a breeze. 

Absolute Pest is Express Facility Management’s fully integrated customizable program that focuses on exclusion, prevention, and sustainability.

Fully Integrated – Our program focuses on long-term prevention by examining the life cycle of pests and then strategically treating any potential resurgences through biological control and habitat manipulation.

All-Inclusive – Absolute Pest can cover you for any type of pest that may be present at your facility.

Digital Reporting – You will have 24/7 access to an online portal.

Sanitation Included – After we treat your property for infestation, we provide complimentary sanitation to rid the area of any remaining diseases or bacteria that pests leave behind.

Equipment Refresh – When you switch to Absolute Pest you don’t have to worry about upfront equipment fees, we will service any equipment leftover from your previous pest control company and replace it as necessary upon normal wear and tear.

About Express

Express Facility Management started in San Antonio, Texas in 2008 as a women-owned, minority-operated landscaping business. Over time, our superior service and reliability prompted many of our clients to ask whether we could handle more locations and more services. The company quickly grew into a fully integrated facility management company providing pest control, janitorial services, and grounds management to prestigious brands and community institutions throughout the area. Partnering with thoroughly vetted service providers in various locations, our reach now expands nationwide.

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