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Commercial vs Retail Grade Pest Control Chemicals

Commercial vs Retail-Grade Pest Control Chemicals

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Learn what makes professional products better

If you start noticing a problem with pests in your building, your first instinct might be to buy pest control products from the nearest Home Depot or Lowes. While these products can help with the initial problem, they are not comparable to the treatment a professional can provide.

We have highlighted a few areas where there is a significant difference between going the DYI route and having a certified technician treat your property for pest problems.

Pest Control Chemicals

Pest Control Chemicals - Potency

Pest control chemicals used by professionals are far more potent than those sold to the public. Due to the high potency of these products, you must be extra careful NOT to breathe them in or spray too high of a concentration in one specific area. This could potentially lead to respiration problems if inhaled. To get the best results, you need to hire a professional pest control exterminator.

Pest Control Chemicals - Effectiveness

The strength of professional pest control products allows them to work faster and be more effective than the ones you will find on retail shelves. If you have a major infestation, household bug spray is not going to do the trick. You might be able to temporarily target specific insects with store-bought chemicals, but you won’t be able to get the overall protection you would get with professional products.

Pest Control Chemicals - Lifespan

Since professional chemicals are more potent than others, they last significantly longer than store-bought. Depending on the pest problem, you could end up treating your property every one to three months. When utilizing a professional service, treatment may only be needed once or twice a year.

Pest Control Chemicals - Price

You might have to pay more upfront for professional services versus buying the chemicals and trying to perform a DYI treatment, but between the lasting effect and the labor hours, you see that the long-term benefits outweigh the upfront price. Additionally, a professional pest control technician will not only treat the current problems but will also look for solutions to prevent any future issues.

At Express Facility Management, our licensed exterminators know all about pest control and pest management.

Interested in learning about solutions for your property? Give us a call!

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