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Luminous Egress Building Code Changes - Express FMG

Luminous Egress Building Code Changes

Luminous Egress Building Code Changes
What To Expect Moving Forward

Perhaps you’ve encountered Luminous Egress building codes and wondered what they were. Simply put, they’re safety features. As the world moves at unprecedented rates, there’s a growing concern for safety in high-rise commercial buildings. 

The building codes keep changing with time to preserve public safety and health. Subsequently, all commercial buildings must adhere to the new regulations adopted by the IBC (International Building Codes). 

What are Luminous Egress Building Codes?

Luminous Egress Building Codes involve the use of photoluminescent materials that comply with UL 1994 and ASTM E2072 standards to mark direction paths and ensure safety during an emergency. 

Unlike traditional exit signage which requires electricity to function, Luminous Egress markings don’t need batteries, circuits, or wiring. The self-luminous materials provides visual delineation of all exits; therefore, occupants can safely navigate through the exits.

2021 IBC Luminous Egress Changes

The 2021 compliance guide has several changes that were not included in the previous 2018 guide. They include: 

  • 1001.1 (General) – High-rise buildings will be provided with the required Luminous Egress path markings, which include the design, arrangement, and construction of the egress components.
  • 1002.1 (Maintenance) – Maintenance of the egress will follow the international Luminous Egress fire codes. 
  • 1009.3.2 (Stairway width) – There shall be a minimum width of 48 inches between the stairways and handrails. Nonetheless, the clear 48-inch width with not be a requirement for buildings with automatic sprinkler systems.
  • 1009.4 (Elevators) – To be considered as part of the means of egress, elevators must comply by having standby power.
  • Handrails should have a solid continuous stripe on the surface from one end to the other.
  • Emergency doors shall be marked by a luminous “emergency exit” symbol which shall be mounted horizontally on the door.
  • Dimensions and placement of markings shall be uniform and consistent throughout the same building.

What's Special about the New Luminous Egress Building Codes?

Luminous Egress Building Code Changes

They save lives

The luminous markings aid occupants in safe exit paths in an emergency without depending on the electrical system. During the collapse of the World Trade Center, people could not use the emergency exit sufficiently because the central lighting system was damaged. 

A New Dawn for Luminous Egress Building Codes

Following the Luminous Egress fire codes and keeping your path markers up to date ensures that the occupants of a commercial building are safe in case of an emergency.

Express has developed a partnership with premium industry manufacturers to install Luminous Egress material for newly constructed high-rise buildings and existing buildings, plus we can take care of all the plans for city approval along with installation. Whether you are unveiling a new building or need to update your existing building to comply with the codes, let our team walk you through the process every step of the way.  

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