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Commercial Pest Prevention - Express Facility Management

Commercial Pest Prevention

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New Year Commerical Pest Management

The new year is in sight, it is the perfect time to get your priorities together for how you will tackle your commercial pest management. Keeping pests out of your business is very important and a valid goal, and a great new year’s resolution! Express wants to help! Follow these tips and your property will be on its way to a pest-free year. 

dumpsters, commercial pest prevention

Commercial Pest Prevention

Clean out your dumpsters & garbage bins more frequently

Taking out your garage is one thing, but pest prevention goes way beyond that task. If you don’t clean out your bins regularly, over time the sidewalls and bottom tend to become sticky. That eventually turns into sludge and bacteria buildup, which is a prime dessert for any pests. Once a week, rinse out your garbage cans with soapy water and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Take the time to invest in some type of trash chute cleaning to make sure your entire garbage handling process is pest-prevention friendly.

Commercial Pest Prevention

Leave no crack or crevice unsealed

Make sure to take weekly walks around your property checking for any cracks or crevices that are unsealed. Making it a habit to take frequent walks around the perimeter will help decrease the number of pest infestations that your property may get if you leave these gaps open too long. During your walk-throughs, make sure to also be checking for cracked bricks, damaged screens, and anything that might leave an invitation for pests to enter your property.

cracks in wall, commercial pest prevention
commercial landscaping, commercial pest prevention

Commercial Pets Prevention

Keep your landscaping clean

It is so frustrating to spend so much money on landscaping for it to get destroyed by pests. To keep it intact, you need to make sure it is less appealing for them! Seal crawl spaces, drain water, cover up compost piles. Make sure that the lawn is tended and the trees and shrubs are well-trimmed – fewer forms of debris in your yard will go a long way.

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